Use Stable Diffusion on your own computer from anywhere.

Tensorscale helps you use Stable Diffusion on your own hardware from anywhere, even on your phone.

Connect Your Nodes

Our local agent makes it easy to install Stable Diffusion and connect your computer to the cloud.

Create Remotely

Once your PC or Mac M1 is connected to the Tensorscale cloud, you can create images from anywhere, even from your phone.

Request beta Access

Create images around the clock with Autoprompt. Let your creativity run wild as you generate thousands of images so you can choose the best results.

Packed with features that you'll love

Straightforward Installer

Spend less time wrangling the command line, Python versions, and git repos. The Tensorscale agent handles that for you.

Sample queuing

Fire off as many requests to do Stable Diffusion renders as you like and Tensorscale will run them on your node when it's ready.

Mobile friendly

Why leave your Stable Diffusion install behind when you're working on the go, or even from your couch? Tensorscale makes it easier to remotely run your samples.

Image Recycling

Jam on creating new images easily by doing variations on creations of your own, or from other people. Using the Autoprompt, you can do this around the clock and create thousands for low cost.


You can organize your samples into collections to track your favorites, or groups of a particular type.

More coming!

More features are on the way such as custom model training with downloadable checkpoints, easy reproduction of renders from other enthusiasts, and more generation capabilities such as upscaling.